Patra ( Spicy steamed Taro leaf rolls or spirals)

Patra, Patrode., Aluchi Vadya ,Patarveliya….one dish and so many names according to the regions where they come from. Arbi leaves,Colocasia leaves or Taro leaves are very nutritious. Patra,Ptarveliya as it is known in Gujarat and Aaluchi Vadiya in Maharashtra is a delectable, sweet,sour,tangy,spicy savory  made from steamed Taro leaves filled with delightful ingredients but easily available… 

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Anzac cookies (Almond,Oatmeal)

anzac cookies

  There are cookies and cookies but Anzac cookies are something else. They are ridiculously so easy and you can do either a crunchy one or a slightly chewy one . You need to adjust the oven timings for that.The ingredients are the same for all anzac cookies, very easy and all available in the kitchen.Anzac cookies… 

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Interesting Craft project …Random Stuff

I came across this site where the simple burlap/hessian gets elevated to a great dining table decor. Rene has given a great tutorial for this burlap table runner and Iam sure some of you would  visit the site to check out other exciting home decor ideas 2. There’s a lovely book mobile I want to… 

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Mango milk shake

Ingredients: 2 small medium sized ripe mangoes. 1 cup of skimmed milk or regular milk if you wish. 1 tbsp date syrup as I do not add sugar to milkshakes . Blend all in a juicer/blender till well combined and frothy. Add slivered almonds if you need. Enjoy chilled!