Red Kidney Beans in a thick gravy ( Rajma Masala)

wo kann ich binäroptionen handeln by 1 Comment This is the ultimate foodie delight a dish designed to leave you fully satisfied and yet keep craving for more. No Punjabi cuisine is complete without an inclusion of this wondrous  red kidney beans  drowned in some lip smacking gravy which is concocted using the best of Indian spices, As the cyberspace is choc a… Read More »


Orlistat 120 mg online sale without prescription by Leave a Comment Pesarattu is a traditional Indian flat bread made from a moong dal, or mung bean, batter. It has origins in India’s Andhra Pradesh state, and the signature dish of the state now made popular almost all over the country. Pesarattu is a popular breakfast and snack food both in India and globally.These flatbreads are similar in appearance… 

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Steamed Healthy Gram flour cakes (DHOKLAS)

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Just as South Indians prefer a healthy breakfast of idlis which is steamed and nutritious ,in the North and Gujarat in particular Dhoklas are preferred breakfast food. It also makes an appearance for lunch and tea time and has become an any time healthy snack option. It is very healthy and nutritious apart from keeping… 

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