Akkara vadisal / Akkara Adisil ( An aromatic delicious Milk and jaggery pudding )

Akkaravadisal, akkara adisil, payasam

The most authentic Iyengar melt in the mouth prasadam or neivediyam/prashad offered to the deity during festivals predominantly in Vaishnava temples.Wonderful memories come flooding to my  mind when I recall the name , the aroma wafting from the huge Bronze vessels in which this milk and jaggery sweet is continuously slow cooked and stirred and… 

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Sweet and spicy Ginger chutney in a sweet aromatic tamarind sauce ( INJI PULI/PULI INJI)

Coming up with a name that perfectly describes this incredible aromatic ginger chutney is a task. Popularly called Inji Puli or Puli Inji , Inji means Ginger and puli is tamrind. Puli Inji is an indispensible part of the popular Kerala Onam Sadya. This is nothing but a spicy aromatic sweet, tangy sauce prepared by… 

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