Spinach Pesto Penne Pasta

spinach pesto penne pasta

Pasta needs no introduction to the foodies and it has permeated into our daily eating habits. Traditionally associated with Italy as its staple food in their cuisine., where the consumption of pasta is so much  higher than the production of wheat. that Italy imports wheat for pasta . Such is the deep love and devotion… 

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ras malai

​ Ras Malai ..the name is enough to work up a craving. This sweet delicacy has its origins in Bengal and now a popular Indian dessert features  in all important occasions like weddings and important functions. This recipe has both instructions for making Rosogollas and rasmalai. Though a feat to find an appropriate  English name…. 

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Peach Cobbler

The simplest easiest desserts you can whip up  without going wrong even if you mess up some measurements must surely be the cobbler. You can also use your own combination of fruits. As we had a good supply of luscious peaches in the stores recently I decided to bake the good old fashioned peach cobbler…. 

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