Eggless wholewheat flour and millet pancakes ( Kids recipe )

This is another interesting recipe to make your kids eat healthy filling breakfast . I like this recipe as it has no oil, butter, no eggs and not too sweet either. It combines healthy wholewheat flour with some mixed millet grain flour too.
So serve your kids this stack of delicious fluffy soft pancakes with fruits,compote , caramel or with any syrup if they wish. Stewed berries or fruits would be a delicious touch too.


1 cup whole wheat flour 
1/2 cup mixed millet flour ( optional ) I used it to enhance the health quotient.
1 tbsp baking powder
1  1/2 cup milk ( skimmed milk )

2 tsp honey
Water as required.
1 tsp flavoring extract if you wish.
Pinch of salt.


 Mix all the ingredients,  and just thick enough to pour in a flow y way.

Mix batter and keep aside to rest for 15 minutes.
Whisk gently to remove lumps if any and heat a   greased griddle or pan.
Pour small ladles of batter to make small sized pancakes , around 3 to 4 in a pan.
As soon a you see the pores in the top forming, gently flip to other side.
Butter or oil  may be added …I avoided both  but used to grease the pan.

Serve with any favorite fruit topping, honey, compote or cream.
I served with caramel topping .


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