Janmashtami | Diwali | Festival recipe….Ribbon pakoda/nada pakoda

ribbon pakoda

ribbon pakoda/nada pakoda

Krishna Janmashttami  heralds the beginning of festival season   with  mouth  watering offerings to the Lord. Ribbon pakoda or nada pakoda as it is popularly called is one of the many tasty offerings.
This is a popular crunchy made during Janmashtami. It is also made during Diwali
It is very simple and easy too.

Recipe as under:

2 cups rice flour  ( good fresh store bought is enough)
1 cups besan/gram flour
pinch of asafoetida powder
salt to taste
1 1/2 tsp chilli powder ( adjust as you like)
2 tbsp hot oil or melted hot ghee
1 tsp of white sesame seeds
oil for deep frying


 Sieve the flours , add all the dry ingredients and then the hot melted ghee/ hot oil or butter.
Before proceeding to make the soft dough, mix all the ingredients with hand so that the oil/butter /ghee will coat the flours well and you will, get a nice crumbly texture.
Then add little water at a time till you get a nice soft dough. Dont make it too soft or too tight a dough.
You should be able to pinch off smooth firm balls to put in the ribbon pakoda maker.called the murruku press which has several designed plates inside. Choose the one with two slits used to make ribbon pakodas.
Take the Pakoda maker,( Murruku press ) keep the slitted plate inside, grease if necessary and drop a small ball of the dough.
Meanwhile the oil should be kept for heating, test by dropping a small bit of the dough., it should come up sizzling which means the oil is ready.
You can prepare the nada pakoda straight into the hot oil in a circular way or any manner as it really doesnt matter.
Let the flame be kept on medium heat and turn the pakodas over to cook well on all sides.
When you see them firming up and looking brown, the oil would have stopped sizzling , take them out and when cool check then for taste and crunch.
The beauty of this recipe is you can make adjustments even after the dough has been prepared.So keep aside some flour ready for adding if need be though it may not be necessary.
It is always a good idea to start with small batch like  2 cups and proportionate  recipe. so that mistakes can be corrected but you cannot make mistakes with this recipe as it is perfected and tried many times over.
ribbon pakoda step wise pics
Ribbon pakoda / nada pakoda / Diwali recipes
Here is a a quick video ..

2. version 
In this recipe , both rice flour and besan are taken in same proportion .
I also like this taste , a little more of besan taste and shape holds well
you can try it , it comes out awesome too .
1 cup rice flour
1 cup besan / chickpea flour
rest is same as above recipe
ribbon pakoda , nada pakoda

ribbon pakoda

ribbon pakoda, nada pakoda

ribbon pakoda, nada pakoda

3. Here is another version where you can make the ribbon pakoda and spicy chaklis with same dough , you can add additional flavours while making chakli, like garlic, onion or green chilly paste . you can prepare one basic single dough and divide and use to make both ribbon pakoda and chaklis.

chakli and rivbbon pakoda recipe , two in one recipe
Ribbon pakoda and spicy chakli , two in one recipe
ribbon pakoda , two in one recipe
Two in one recipe , ribbon pakoda
two in onew recipe , spicy rice chakli
Two in one recipe , spicy rice chakli
spicy rice chakli , ribbon pakoda, two in one recipe
Ribbon pakoda, spicy rice chakli

Ingredients :

1 cup rice flour

1/4 cup besan flour / chickpea flour

1 tsp chilli powder or any flavour you wish to add

salt as needed

asafoetida powder

1 tsp sesame seeds or cumin

2 tbsp hot oil to mix with flours and making dough , can add butter too .

oil for deep frying .


Mix al the dry flours , add salt , chilliy powder , hot oil , asafoetida , mix with fingers well .

add water little by little to make a smooth soft dough .

To prepare the normal chakli, use the star shape plate and for ribbon pakoda, use the plate with slits . as shown in the video .

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