Mini cakes or cake pops ( eggless )

cake pops

Mini sweet spongy eggless cakes in my Ebelskiver pan./ also called the paniyaram pan / appe pan …when you dont want to bother baking in an oven , when you need small portion sized treats, when you dont want to feel guilty!! Kids will love this, great way of making small mini cake pops , to send with school snack box…there are a zillion ways to decorate …i just sprinkled  powdered cinnamon sugar .

Basic cake batter ( reduce the qty if making a small trial batch..) You can halve the recipe for a small batch.

I think I am going to be doing this more often whenever I feel like having small portions of cake and there is no wastage too.

you can also a use a ready to bake cake mix, use as many tbsp of mix you need , saves even more time , no mixng other ingredients except the yogurt or eggs or any egg substitute .


1 1/4 cup all purpose flour
1  tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
3/4 cup condensed milk
4 tbsp melted butter /or oil
1 tsp vanilla essence
4 -5 tbsp milk or buttermilk .


Sift the dry ingredients well. Keep aside. In a bowl, mix the wet ingredients..oil/melted butter, milk, condensed milk, whisk well. Then add the wet ingredients to the dry and fold like usual cake batter. Batter consistency to be of a thick pouring consistency. so adjust batter with little more milk till you get the right consistency. do not add all the milk or yogurt at one go , use it to get the right thick poring cake batter consistency .
Then heat the Ebelskiver pan/ appe pan  reduce flame to very low after   it is heated …, quickly pour the batter in each of the greased well about 3/4 full as batter will rise, cover and cook/bake till done…should take less than 10 minutes.check for colour of cake by turning over with a skewer, if it is browned and inside cooked , remove. you can place a lid if you have , it gives a good moist cake or else the top looks dried out .

Another method …

You can also place a heavy tava on the bottom, like cast iron or any old tava which you dont use  , ( as we use this only for heating purpose to place the pan on top of it , )  and keep the appe pan/ebelskiver pan on top, let it heat up and proceed. This reduces the chances of cakes getting darkened quickly. In this method we dont give direct heat to the paniyaram pan so your cake pops gets baked well, and no fear of burning .


After removing, turn on other side with white portion face up, as it tends to stick on the plate while cooling as it is very moist when hot..just a tip .

cake pops

Another batch Some new pics of cute appe cup  cakes made recently…this turned out even better..





  1. Anonymous says

    HELLO…i tried this recipe, but instead of appe pan i baked the cake in oven. Cake was very nice but bit dry. can u pl let me know the reason?

    • says

      Surprised actually as the reverse happens usually in an oven it works well probably thick batter . Really sorry 🙂 or the oven opened before it was done .. This was a cake recipe meant for ovens so shouldn't have happened .:-(

  2. says

    Cute looking cakes. I tried them, turned out a bit dry, I guess my batter could have used some more milk + condensed milk. I halved the whole proportion, so may have messed up a bit when reducing the quantities. I baked the cake from both the sides, turning them upside down towards the end. Is that necessary?

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