Rice cooker cake. ( eggless vanilla cake )

Rice cooker cake.

Sometimes it is wonderful to do so some spring ( ? ) cleaning and ..stumble onto some treasures. Amidst all the clutter and chaos I sat in a trance as I saw my old recipe collection for rice cooker ( paper) and it brought back memories of my stay in the U.S.We moved from place to place big and small cities staying from 3 to 6 months in each depending on the duration of my hubby s work.

So we never had a home for sometime, living out of suitcases.It was fun travelling .Out of several suitcases I had many containing only important groceries!! those days we did not know about the Indian stores so to be on the safer side, I had everything except cooking appliances.
So I purchased 2 rice cookers of different sizes , and cooked everything from rice, dal, sambar, rasam all our Indian foods, gravies , never missing Indian food in our hotel room which was our temporary home. It was then I embraced the Rice cooker method of cooking for its convenience, ease, smokeless fuss free cooking. I also tried my hand at baking then after watching some cookery channels. I tried simple cakes and they tasted good.
 My hubby was constantly surprised and amazed at the way I was dishing out good home cooked meals . (Now you can laugh..) .yes!! I would even pack his small office lunch dabba from our temporary residence! As both us do not eat out much, it was a great help and ever since after my return the rice cooker has had a special place in my kitchen. Now I use it only to cook rice based dishes..
Students going abroad for higher studies will definitely find it useful to cook up small homely food in rice cooker in their dorms.
This simple vanilla flavored cake is just as delicious like those baked in regular oven, so for those of you who do not have the oven, microwave or afraid to try the pressure cooker method, this is the best bet as nothing can go wrong.
No temp settings etc..Only you need to watch for the time, Your nose and eyes will guide you! Once you get the confidence , try the oven method .So if you have been admiring all those great baked goodies being posted by experts and beginners, dont lose heart , use the rice cooker for baking too.


1 1/2 cup All
purpose flour
1cup sugar
1/2 cup butter

2 eggs or yogurt to make eggless aprox 3/4  cup, keep some extra handy while making batter to adjust consistency)
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 3/4 tsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda

½ cup milk

Method for oven baking.

Preheat oven t
350 degrees F/ 180 degrees C.
Grease  a 9×9 inch pan. Dust it with flour and tap out
In a bowl, cream together the sugar and butter.
Beat in the
eggs, one at a time, ( yogurt whisked ), 
Add  the vanilla.
Combine flour , baking
powder,   baking soda, Mix with the above
mixture. stir in the milk and fold gently  until batter is smooth.
Spoon batter into
the greased cake tin.Bake for 30-40 minutes until done, a skewer should come
clean and cake should spring back when touched.

Method to bake

Pour batter into
the well-greased cooker body ( inside container ).of the rice cooker.
Close with lid,
press cook if that is the only button on your Rice cooker. Some newer models
have several settings, if it has bake 
setting , press that.
Unlike an  oven there is no temperature setting etc, you
have to wait till the rice cooker is heated to maximum while cooking the cake
inside, during this time it will shift to warm mode from cook mode , as it
works on maximum heat dispensed, presuming the content is cooked, but in case
of baking , we need to wait it out for minimum 3 minutes and switch back to
cook mode, again after few minutes it will go back to warm  mode, keep it for another 5 minutes , again
push it down to cook or wait until it can be pushed, don’t fight with the
setting and  try to make it stay in cook
mode , you will only spoil the switch.
Unlike normal
oven where we cannot afford to lose heat , in a  rice cooker it doesn’t matter, as the cooker switches
back to warm , when maximum heat is achieved.
So while baking
the cake you may have to turn it back to cook mode around three times depending
on your model I had to do it three times and gave a gap of 3 minutes to resume
to cook mode. In all it took around 45 minutes almost the same time as regular
The advantages
You don’t have
to worry about setting etc, no need to fear about cake getting burnt quickly.
But you do need
to look for cake being done completely by opening lid at least twice, or if you
have the glass lid, no need to open. 
Lightly touch the top of cake and it
should be firm , spring back.

At the end of nearly 40 minutes the top would have
developed  small moon like craters small
bubbles, bottom would have baked well, the cake would have left the side
indicating it is ready to be removed.
Switch off the rice cooker, keep it to rest for 5 minutes
and let it cool completely.
Run a knife carefully around the edges of the cake to ease it out easily by
turning it upside down carefully onto a plate held inside. As the height of the
rice cooker in case of bigger capacity will sometimes crumble the cake while it
falls on the plate, so better take a plate inside, over urn the cooker container
and gently tap it.
The bottom turned portion of the cake will become the top
and it gets a beautiful brown crust , also shaped well , taking the shape of
the contours of the container almost like a dome.
Decorate the way you like maybe some cream cheese
frosting etc…or enjoy as it is.
This cake will be moist and light inside and you will not
miss the oven effect except for the deep baking colour.
Try rice cooker for simple recipes , and once you have
gathered confidence, you can try all sorts of basic cake recipes .
This method is good for those living in dorms like
students abroad, who crave for a home baked cake.

Another simple plain cake made in rice cooker


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    Awesome Radhakka..I have always been worried about the cake crumbling because of the height of the container u have solved it with a smaller size plate thats such a clever idea. Also the warm & cook mode fighting thanks for the exact time to switch back.

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      Meena, you-can easily leave a gap of 3 minutes by which the cooker is ready to cook mode again, so no need to keep fiddling with the switch..total three times you may have to do, and after one disaster of crumbled yummy cake, I learnt my lesson, to keep a plate inside and place it gently..thanks a lot for the visit and your observation 🙂

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      Hi sorry for the delay in replying as am traveling . Yes you must grease both , not necessary for non stick containers . In fact you need not use cake mould pour cake batter in the greased cooker body itself but well greased base

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    hey ! ,
    can we really use curd instead of eggs ? i havent heard of it before ? and can i use any other flour other than maida ? and i dont have vanilla extract , is that okay ?

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