mango rabdi

Mango Rabdi,  a simple yummy finish to the mango season!…so before the season ends, do give this a try as it doesn’t need much attention. Essentially a dessert made with a reduced layered thick milk sweetened naturally with mangoes or a small amount of sugar .
Pouring thick rabdi over mango chunks while serving transforms it into an exotic dessert .
While the process of reducing thick whole milk to about 1/3 rd of its quantity seems a long daunting process, believe me it can be done easily as all you need to do is boil the milk on a large,  preferably open pan like a uruli and lower the flame after the milk has boiled till it continues to  reduce . Keep pushing back the creamy layers forming along th e sides into the thickening milk and occasionally stir to prevent sticking at the bottom , it is done!


2 litres whole thick milk ( or the quantity you desire )
3 ripe mangoes ( again no hard rules about quantity)
Sugar as needed
A generous garnish of chopped slivered nuts of choice.
Pinch of cardamom powder.


Take a heavy bottomed pan, boil milk first on a high flame, then reduce it after milk has boiled well.
Keep stirring milk at intervals to prevent burning at the base.
Keep pushing back the creamy layers that form on top and sides back into the boiling milk to make it thicker.
After about 1 hour the milk would have reduced and thickened to 1/3 rd the quantity .
Add sugar at this stage, pinch of cardamom powder.
Garnish with slivers of almonds or pistachios or a mix of both.
Peel the mangoes and chop finely or roughly into smaller chunks.
Pour the thick rabdi as much as you like over the chopped fruit and garnish on top with more nuts.
Serve chilled so keep refrigerated till serving time.
Mangoes may also be pulsed lightly and blended with the rabdi while serving though I prefer to pour rabdi over finely chopped fruit.
I also like to keep the rabdi chilled separately so that it doesnt make the mangoes all mushy.


For those who do not get thick whole milk, use condensed milk and dont add more sugar.
If you do not have condensed milk, prepare the quantity you need at home by following a simple recipe I have posted previously.
For those who have no time or patience to reduce milk for a good rabdi, use a cup of fresh while bread crumbs while boiling milk and see how it transforms to a thick grainy textured rabdi.! Tip courtesy Tarla Dalal.

Those who can get ricotta cheese, can make this in a jiffy by crumbling ricotta cheese and adding thick milk, boil few minutes and a good yummy rabdi is done.Here is the recipe for home made condensed milk .


mango rabdi
mango rabdi

scraping the creamy layer sticking to the sides and pushing it back into the boiling milk



Milk has reduced considerably.


Almost done !

A shower of mixed nut slivers


Never realized I had reduced the milk to a very thick consistency.

Now to enjoy the combination of diced mangoes, pulp and the rabadi.









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