Mango rabdi ice cream sounds totally sinful as it is a yummy mixture of thickened sweet rabdi blended with some ripe mangoes.

When you have some juicy  ripe mangoes, some yummy rabdi left over you do the next best thing, have them together as a creamy ice cream.

Rabdi is a simple procedure of reducing thick whole milk, scraping off layers from the side and thickening till almost reduced to 1/3 rd and sweetened with some sugar and poured over fruits or had as it is. More details in my recipe  here.



2 cups thick rabdi

1 cup thick mango pulp from juicy ripe mangoes

Slivers of nuts if you like
1 cup milk powder
Sugar as required



Prepare the thick rabdi as per recipe given in the link . Add the cup of milk powder to wards the end while almost thick.
Let the mixture cool well.
Blend with the cup of ripe mangoes and some sugar.
Freeze  the mixture in a container in the fridge.
Remove after 5-6 hours to check for crystal formation, blend once more either by simply whisking with a hand whisk or blend it in a mixie.
Freeze again for 6 hours till well set
Enjoy yummy Mango rabdi ice cream .



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