soft mysore pa , mysore pak
 I have always wanted to try the famed Sri Krishna style Mysore pa which is practically oozing with ghee and very sweet . Just one piece is enough to give a melting rich sweet taste which lingers for long. But i never had the nerve to make that sweet using so much ghee and oil. I prefer to make the little chunkier porous version of mysorepaak , which consumes little less oil and ghee. But this is one recipe that all must try at least once.
While the amounts of ghee,  oil and sugar has been slightly reduced  in the recipe , I do not have the courage to use the increased amounts required, I must admit  the outcome was good and judged in the house with flying colours. But I doubt I  will make it as often as I would love too !  Once a year is enough to shoot up the calories ..!But festivals are a yearly thing so one must conform to the  recipe. I also find making this kind of soft Mysore pa is more easier than the usual semi porous hard Mysore pak, so I think this is great for beginners to try .
I highly recommend this recipe for beginners as it gives almost the same perfect taste and texture like Sri Krishna sweets .
Ingredients  :
1 cup  gram flour/besan
A tiny Pinch of turmeric powder ( optional ) to get the pale yellow Mysorepa. ( optional )
2.5 cups ghee plus oil ( your own ratio )
2 cups sugar
1 cup water or just enough to submerge sugar while making syrup .
1. roast gram flour till aromatic, sieve it .
2.melt ghee and oil , to keep warm
3.mix roasted gram flour in one cup  warm oil ghee to make a thick batter like consistency. The remaining oil ghee mixture will be used in batches while making mysorepa.
4.melt sugar with 1 cup water to make one string consistency .
5.add in the gram flour ghee mixture into hot sugar syrup,
6. add remaiing oil ghee in batches .
7. when mixture becomes frothy and all oil ghee used up , pour onto a greased tray .
8.Let cool before you make the pieces.
Keep a greased plate or tin ready.
Dont do it at the end as you will have no time to do that .
 Some points ..
Dont leave the round stirring, continuous stirring with hand .
do not increase  the flame too.
Soon the mixture will start leaving the sides, appearing thick and  frothing now this is the
time to pour the thick bubbly  mixture into the greased plate or tin and no need
to pat it smooth.
Allow the soft mixture to spread itself all over the plate
and settle.
When it is almost warm , make the slice marks with a knife.
 That’s it!! Your soft Mysore  pa Sri Krishna style is ready to be devoured.
It is a good idea to allow it to cool
naturally completely before you attempt to break away the slices.
these mysorepa are new attempt made this week ..I am proud to say i have never made better mysore pa than these
 You must sieve the
ghee mixed roasted  gram flour to remove the small balls of lumps to avoid making lumpy
Mysore paak.
using oil and ghee combination ensures soft mysorepa.


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