If you are on a very strict diet regimen and counting every calorie then many foods are certainly off the list of foods that you can eat.It takes a great determination to stay away from your favorite indulgences and after a point you succumb to the calling of everything deep fried leaving you frustrated and guilty having to start over.

If we can change  the method of cooking we can have these small treats once in a while with a reduced calorie count.

Medu vada is a typical South Indian favourite way to indulge in fried snacks .By making these in small quantities in the appe pan/ Paniyaram pan by using just 1 tbsp oil we can  enjoy the same crispy crunchy vada at a very reduced calorie count.The mini medu vadas are great for dipping in sambar and having them as mini sambar vadas .


1/2 cup udad dal ( black gram ) 
1/4 tsp cracked pepper
A pinch of asafoetida powder
salt as required 
some curry leaves crushed.
2-3 tbsp oil for the paniyaram pan 


Soak the udad dal for 3 hours and grind to a thick batter. Add water in sprinkles only if necessary.
Remove batter, add salt and cracked pepper and curry leaves and asafoetida powder.
Now whip the batter continuously with a spoon or a whisk till batter looks light and fluffy. Unlike the batter we make for the deep fried version we should have a batter which falls thickly so that you get a soft vada at the same time the exterior gets a nice crunch.
Take the pan, heat it with drops of oil in each well or grease each well and wipe off.
Add the batter with a spoon in each well of the pan.
Cover and cook on a low flame, keep turning each vada in the pan and remove when it appears firm and golden .
Check the inside of vada to see if it has cooked.
While these vadas are hot dip into hot sambar  and serve as Mini medu vadas or sambar vadas.Garnish with chopped onions and coriander leaves .



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