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tiffin sambar

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Tiffin sambar mix is another attempt by me to pack sambar in a pouch for the sambar hungry folks ! Well not literally pack a sambar but the contents when emptied and done according to instructions will make a quick easy delicious sambar that is popularly known as Tiffin sambar . I have it practically with anything .
While many of us have the luxury of moms making us a delicious sambar when ever we want there are times we wished to have it in  strange land yes am speaking for the regular travelers , the students and kids away from home living in universities. And the husbands who are on the move on business trips . People who are able to do simple cooking in their residences or hotels . Just open the pouch and use required quantity of powder and make a delicious sambar with or without vegetables in microwave or stove .
A busy housewife especially on sick days will find it very useful . I should know ! Now to the recipe . Please understand as this is meant for packs to be made and sent the ingredients and method is very simple , if you plan to use it at home then add on other things that you like .
This sambar mix can be made without adding tamrind roasted and powdered, by adding fresh tamrind water while  preparing Sambar . If you stock this basic powder , then a quick delcious sambar can be enjoyed at home by making it in pressure cooker.
Bachelors will find it convenient to make this into a one pot sambar by using only pressure cooker and adding all ingredients to it .
A video below to show how easy it is to make yummy sambar in  a pressure cooker and saving utensils washing time .

Ingredients :
3 tbsp coriander seeds
2 tbsp Chana dal
1 tbsp fried gram ( no need to roast ) pottukadalai
4 tbsp toor dal
1tsp black peeper
1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds
Pinch of asafoetida powder
5 red chillies ( Kashmiri variety )
4-tbsp grated coconut
1 small lime sized tamrind
  2 tsp sesame oil
Some curry leaves
1 tsp of turmeric powder to be added to the prepared mix later
2 tsp Kashmiri dry chili powder yo be added to mix after powdering . This will give great colour to the sambar .
1 tsp mustard seeds for tempering to be added to prepared powder .
In a pan heat the oil  toast all ingredients except  fried gram , curry leaves and coconut .and  tamrind . Add asafoetida powder towards end of roasting .
Roast curry leaves at end till crispy.
Roast coconut till a nice aroma comes  roast tamrind seperately till crisp  but not too dark and brown .
Let all ingredients cool. With a drop of oil splutter mustard seeds and keep,it aside .
Powder all ingredients except curry leaves . Add curry leaves to the powdered mixture .
Add the preparedTempering of mustard seeds  to the powder. Mix well and store this ready sambar powder in a clean bottle .
To prepare sambar with the ready mix
Take 4 tbsp of this powder add a cup of water and boil . Add cooked vegetables like chopped cooked tomatoes fried onions pumpkins if you gave . The sambar will thicken in few minutes .
Remove and garnish will fresh chopped coriander leaves if you have .
If you Have few vegetables like tomatoes and onions then take a Cup of the same sautée with little oil add little water to cook veggies , then add sambar mix with water . Let boil for few minutes till sambar thickens a bit .  This powder can also be added to make a quick pressure cooker sambar as show in video above .
Add fried onions to the prepared sambar mix or make your own but it should not have any moisture or else the prepared sambar mix will spoil . Ready fried onion flakes is available in many stores but I have never tasted them . Just an idea.
Add tomato powder to the mix if you can get them .

You can add about 1/4 cup of tomato powder to the sambar mix .

So while making sambar tomatoes need not be added . this can be followed for making a travel pack , how ever for home use, it can be skipped .
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    I cannot see urad dal in your ingredients list, but I see them added in the picture. Please confirm if I should add Urad dal. Thanks for this great recipe.

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