First and foremost there are two ways to make the instant poha idlis both of which  am sharing below . Both methods are very useful to make instant idlis . While both make instant idlis , one is a recipe for the dry mix which you can carry or  store with you in a container to be used when ever you need quick tiffin . Before more confusion do read below and choose your method ! Both methods have their uses. 

1. Method 


1 cup thin white beaten rice / aval / avalakki / poha 
1 cup fine idli rice rava ( idli rice rava is like semolina but made of idli rice and available in stores easily ) 
3/4 tsp of Eno fruit salt or pinch of baking soda ( I prefer eno )
Salt as required for the batter 
Buttermilk enough to soak the poha 
Little thick yogurt to make final batter .


First soak the poha in buttermilk and keep aside for 5 minutes . 
Then mash it well with a ladle till poha buttermilk mixture is smooth or blend it in mixer without adding too much water . ( Blending in mixie is not required as the poha soaks well in the buttermilk and becomes very soft . ) 
Add the idli rice rava and salt ( plain not Eno ) to the mixture .
The idli rava and poha buttermilk mixture will be thick , add some yogurt enough to make thick idli batter . ( not to be runny ). 
Keep the idli plates greased and ready . 
Just before making idlis add the fruit salt to the batter and stir well . Add little more yogurt if the batter appears thick ,  It will become light and little frothy . Now quickly spoon the batter to greased idli plates and steam like normal idlis for 6-8 minutes . 
Soft poha idlis are ready . Wait for steamer to cool a bit before easing out soft idlis . 
Serve with your favourite accompaniments 


Add Eno just before making idlis and don’t rest batter after adding either baking soda or Eno .

2.  Method 

Recipe to make the instant poha idli mix in advance ( powder form )!
Take equal measures of poha ( thin variety ) and idli rice rava .
Powder the poha in a mixie till it is fine like semolina .
Now mix both the idli rice rava and poha rava . 
Store this mixture for use . 

How to use the mix 

Take required quantity of the instant poha idli mix , add yogurt or even sour buttermilk , pinch of salt ( not added to mix earlier ) , pinch of Eno fruit salt and make a batter for idli like mentioned above .
Don’t rest this mixture, spoon to greased idli plates and steam .
Instant poha idlis are ready .
The second method is for those who want to carry  the mix and make idlis . 
Both methods are equally easy and instant . 
The dry mix is good to make instant dhoklas too , just add green chili ginger paste to batter and steam . 

Dry idli mix 

Store the mix . 


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