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upwas dosas for navarathri , vrat

For Navarathri  vrat , two  easy dosas you can prepare with potato or pumpkin .

the outcome is great , just like rava dosas, we ca make crispy lacy dosas and these take not much time too .

navarathri vrat dosa, upwas dosa, millet dosa

The recipes for two dosas

Dosa no . 1. 

Millet pumpkin dosa

Ingredients :

1 cup chopped yellow pumpkin cubes
1.5 cups kodo millet or any variety of millet allowed for upwas. wash and soak for 2-3 hours .


Make a puree of pumpkin pieces ( raw )
grind the kodo millets after draining water and keeping a little to help grind to a smooth batter. add the pumpkin puree to the batter .
add required salt ( sendha namak ), chopped coriander leaves , curry leaves .
You can make dosas immediately or after resting batter for 15 minutes .
dilute batter by adding sufficient water, just like rava dosa batter , thin like buttermilk .
to make dosas, heat a pan , drop batter all over pan , without spreading batter .
add oil around edges .
you can flip and cook both sides, you will get great rava dosa like texture .
on other days you can add hing and little semolina to batter to get even more crispy dosas .

Dosa no .2

(..Instant millet flour dosas .)

Ingredients .

1 1/4 cup millet flour ( foxtail millet flour / thinai maavu )
1 medium potato peeled and grated , soaked in water .


grind the grated potatoes with the flour to get a smooth batter .
keep batter thin just like rava dosa .
add necessary salt , coriander leaves ., cumin seeds.
keep batter to rest for 30 minutes .
make dosas , by heating a pan drop batter just like rava dosa , add oil around edges, cook both sides though not required .
tasty millet dosa for your upwas is ready , serve with upwas chutney ., upwas sambar .


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