Festival recipes Krishna Jayanthi recipes/ Janmaashtami recipes

Here  are some links to some very easy to prepare snacks and sweets for upcoming festivals . Click on the name and go the respective recipe for details.A few youtube links have been shared for which may be easy to follow .

Do click this  for more festival recipes…Festival recipes


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Kesar mango pistachio pedha

milk powder pedha

Carrot Gulkand milk powder barfi 

carrot gulkand milk powder barfi

Milk powder Barfi

Milk powder barfi made using milk powder and two ingredients, a great easy sweet for Diwali


Mullu Muruku / Thengoyal 

mullu muruku, thengoyal, diwali recipe, Krishna jayanthi recipe

Cashewnut coconut mysore paak

Cashew nuts


varagu verkadalai thattai, millets thattai



Kai Murruku

kai murruku, krishna jayanthi recipes

Butter murruku

butter muruku, krishna jayanthi recipes

Dharwad pedha 

Dharwad pedha / / mathura pedha

Here is a video for Dharwad pedha ..you can follow same for making Mathura pedha , which is not different from Dharwad pedha.

Some you tube videos uploaded recently ..

Uppu seedai

Vella seedai ( sweet seedai | cheedai )

Milk powder barfi ( highly recommended and this has been a super hit among you tube viewers .

Instant mawa at home for all sweets preparations

Jowar flour chakli .

Cashew coconut mysore paak

Home made condensed milk 

home made instant condensed milk

Dont forget to check these too ..more Festival recipes here ..

festival recipes, Krishna jayanthi recipes,

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