rice rava idlis, idli rava rice idlis
At  times we tend to forget soaking the ingredients well in advance for dosa or idli batter.
Sometimes when we do remember it is at an odd hour when we cannot grind the batter late in the night neither can we leave it soaking to be ground later in the morning.

It is normal to soak the ingredients in the afternoon and grind them to batter by night so that it ferments and we can prepare idlis for breakfast.

When we forget to soak the dals then there is another remedy which many dont prefer but I have always got excellent idlis and dosas from this method. Infact  out of sheer laziness many a time I prefer this method.

Off late it has been one of my preferred ways to make idlis . with just two members in the family , i dont feel like grinding a big batch in  grinder and storing the batter for a week, trying to use up, instead i like this method of making idlis just for breakfast , in a small quantity , and no wastage too .

Not to mention how quick it can be . 🙂


2 cups idli rice rava

1 cup udad dal 


wash and soak udad dal in clean water for 3 hours .

add water to idli rava ,and drain of any dust or small particles,

add more fresh water to idli rice rava.

cover both and allow to soak for just 3 hours .

after 3 hours , you can grind the udad dal in mixie or in grinder to a very smooth thick batter using the same soaked water .

take the ground udad dal in a vessel . add to that the squeezed idli rice rava .

mix well, add water if necessary to get the idli batter consistency .

allow to ferment in a corner for 8-10 hours .

prepare idlis, after adding salt to batter, mix well , if you find batter too thick, dilute very carefully and mix batter from bottom to top as rice rava will be settled at the bottom .

grease idli plates, steam for 8 minutes or till done 

serve with chutneys, sambar  of your choice . 

There was a time when I soaked the udad dal at night before bedtime and kept it in the fridge during soaking.Early next morning I ground it well in mixie and got a lovely frothy batter. Added the idli rava into the udad  dal batter and kept in a warm place in the kitchen counter.6.30 AM  I ground the batter and by 10 am I could make the freshest sour free soft idlis. Ever since Ihave been doing this , I get nice idlis for afternoon also.I use the same for making nice crispy dosas too.

I tried and tested this many  times and got excellent results.I may ditch the grinder for this method soon! See the pics for yourselves.


rice rava idlis ,

rice rava idlis,


idlis made using idli rava, rice rava idlis .


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    Hi Radha, this sounds a smooth easy way of making idlis! but pray tell me, what is "idli rava"? is it same as the rava idli mix (MTRwala)?
    Or is it plain rava?
    please clarify soon, as i am planning to make it tonight/2moro morning 🙂

  2. says

    hi…here in India we get idli rava not the MTR ONE but a fine coarse rice based rava like which is nothing but steamed rice is ground in the mill and sold as idli rava for quick idlis when you need to gringd only the udad dal/black gram and just got to add the idli rava. If this is not available in stores then ytou can do it yourself with rice ground almost fine but not too fine in a mixie . Dont know whether you can do it, but here in India when I run out of Idli rava I simply dry grind steamed idli rice and get a fine powder. This I add to the ground black gram /udad batter. HOPE THIS WAS USEFUL.As I dont know which part of the country you come from am able to suggest what ever I know. My mom used to use even plain rice when Idli rice was not available in her days and get that powdered like rava and use it in udad dal batter. Try out a small batch and see what results you get if the idli rava or steamed rice is not available in your area. thanks for stopping by.

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    Hey Radha, this is Sowmini from Bangalore – looks like u didnt recognize me. i had commented from my blogger id.

    Somehow, i have never heard of this "idli rava". i just know plain rava which we use for making upma. So, coming back to my question, can i use rice powder (again store bought one) in place of idli rava? Or as u have suggested, is it better to dry grind the idli/dosa rice and use it? Please clarify.

    i love to try out different dishes (especially for my little one), but do not have much time in hand. so trying out easier & quicker recipes these days. Your blog is quite a storehouse of interesting recipes… will come here often 🙂

    • says

      Hi sorry I did not recognize . Idli rava is very popular and available in all stores . Ask for steamers rice idli rava. Nilgiris, food world, reliance fresh and even smaller stores stock this as it is. Very convenient way o make quick idlis. Second option dry grind in mixie to a upma rava like consistency steamed rice as this gives a almost ground batter idlis taste. Steamed rice or boiled rice as it is called is available everywhere. If you happen to get idli rava , buy in bulk as it is very good for arisi upma too and so many rice dishes like upma kozhakattai etc. hope you will get the ingredients. Ask for idli rava which is rice based for making idlis . Hope all clear! Thanks for the interest:-)

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    I am going to try this for dinner tomorrow. I don't get good Puzhungal arisi near my place and have bought idli rava. This sounds very easy. Will update you with the results. Thanks Radha.

    • seetha says

      Hi Radha, this is just awesome , am already your fan , going to try this and few of your sandwhich ideas and ofcourse the bread recipes too , will update you the results , thank you so much, i enjoyed going through your blog 🙂

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    hey Radha Natarajan, I got the recipe of how to make idli,..I wanted to know how to make sumber which matches this idlies, Can u please explain me in detail how to make sumber, Which u have shown in Picture..

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