Wholewheat Oatflour bread

Print Recipe Wholewheat Oatflour bread Delicious wholewheat oatflour bread that is so easy to bake , perfect for your breakfast . Servings loaf Ingredients 2 cups wholewheat flour1 cup oatflour2 tbsp sugar2 1/4 tsp tsp instant dry yeast1/2 tsp salt250 ml warm milk3 tbsp soft butter Servings loaf Ingredients 2 cups wholewheat flour1 cup oatflour2… 

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Honey, Oats , wholewheat Ragi No knead bread

Honey oats wholewheat ragi bread

I highly recommend such no knead breads for beginners as it builds confidence and you can see how ingredients work , though it takes more time but worth it . And as for effort , there is not much one has to do, except initial mixing and rest of the time is just waiting time… 

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Homemade Subway Bread| Subway breads

Baking home made subway breads or any bread for that matter , is not at all intimidating , if you have grasped some simple bread making techniques. The ingredients though simple must be fresh and kneading is the key . It can get a little stressful and the temptation to keep adding flour to a… 

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