Faraali Misal Sabudaan Khichdi with Peanut potato curry mixture ( Vrat recipe )

A very tasty  dish usually prepared and served during the fasting months. Even without onions and garlic some dishes can be prepared in  very delicious way. Popular in Maharashtra, Gujarat and some parts of North , Faraali Misal is one such yummy dish which is quite a meal by itself.Here the sabudaana khichdi is prepared… 

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Misal Paav ( Popular Maharashtrian snack)

Mumbai street food , misal paav

Misal Paav,   a great finger licking feel good dish, lunch , snack  call it by any name. Paav Bhaaji, Bhel puris, chaats, Paani puris, sev batata puris and so many other myriad combinations of street foods continue to enthrall everyone in Mumbai and Maharashtra but Misal Paav is the signature dish and most quintessentially… 

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Patra ( Spicy steamed Taro leaf rolls or spirals)

patrode, aalu chi vadi

Patra, Patrode., Aluchi Vadya ,Patarveliya….one dish and so many names according to the regions where they come from. Arbi leaves,Colocasia leaves or Taro leaves are very nutritious. Patra,Ptarveliya as it is known in Gujarat and Aaluchi Vadiya in Maharashtra is a delectable, sweet,sour,tangy,spicy savory  made from steamed Taro leaves filled with delightful ingredients but easily available… 

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