millets dosa , vrat recipe

Kindly note there are two dosa recipes in this post .. one is the barnyard millet dosa , the second is the millet sabudana dosa for which i have given a video . Barnyard millet dosa  You will be surprised to see how this almost resembles and also tastes like Rava dosa or Neer dosa…. 

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Parupu Thogayal powder ( Instant thogayal )

parup thogayal , dal chutney

Paruppu thogayal  powder / spicy lentil chutney  powder. A real life saver for the days when you don’t want to slave  in the kitchen yet do not  want to compromise on taste and nutrition! These chutneys or thogayals  as it is called in Tamil is a great boon that can be made within minutes …. 

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Puli Inji Recipe | Inji Puli Recipe | Sweet and sour Ginger pickle

Puli Inji is an indispensable part of the popular Kerala Onam Sadya. This is nothing but a spicy aromatic sweet, tangy sauce prepared by lightly sautéing ginger and green chillies with other condiments and simmering till it thickens.  Kerala (sadya) is incomplete without puli inji or inji puli. The various tongue tickling characters of this unique pickle… 

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Rava Masala Dosa (Spiced semolina and flours crepes )

Different views of the rava dosa….simple plain no onion rava dosa. If you want onion rava dosa, just scatter the chopped onion pieces all over pan and sprinkle the batter all over to form a mesh . One of the most favourite South Indian Dish after Idlis, dosa and pongal comes  the rava dosa. This… 

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Masala dosa – Mysore Masala Dosa..By Your Everyday Cook

Mysore Masala Dosa is perhaps one of the top dish ordered in any vegetarian restaurants more popular in South India and equally  relished  in the Northern states. The name itself has one drooling as it is such a fascinating dish combining spicy red chutney and filled to bursting  with a lovely concoction of gently cooked potatoes with onions and… 

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