CHAM CHAM ( Bengal sweets )

Bengal sweets Cham Cham

  A  delicious Bengal milk sweet made from fresh chenna ( crumbled fresh home made paneer ) using thick full cream milk , with a creamy delicious malai mava filling in the center..we can have  any kind of tasty filling according to our choice but malai mava taste is simply yummy . Cham cham can… 

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Navarathri recipes / vrat Dosas/ Upwas Dosas

upwas dosas for navarathri , vrat

For Navarathri  vrat , two  easy dosas you can prepare with potato or pumpkin . the outcome is great , just like rava dosas, we ca make crispy lacy dosas and these take not much time too . The recipes for two dosas Dosa no . 1.  Millet pumpkin dosa Ingredients : 1 cup chopped… 

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quick and easy way to make milk powder kalakand

Kalakand (milk powder recipe…using paneer made from milk powder )..another way to use up milk powder 🙂 A quick easy recipe to enjoy kalakand any time you want with minimum ingredients . in this recipe i have used milk powder completely, in the sense i have used paneer made from milk powder and condensed milk also… 

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Milk powder is used to make these yummy soft spongy rosgollas

  After a great success in making milk powder paneer, i simply had to make some rasgollas as I love them , wasnt prepared for the outcome which was incredible …never expected so much from milk powder…any given day whole milk is preferred to make such yummy sweets, the old tried authentic way , but… 

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