Ven Pongal ( Khara Pongal Festival Recipe )

The Harvest festival of Tamilnadu called Pongal or Thai  Pongal conjures up images of colorful  pots  overflowing with milk, dal and rice and little kids and elders exclaiming ecstatically Pongalo Pongal..the ,exchange of ellu bella, ( sesame seeds and jaggery ) in Karnataka where it is called Makara Sankranthi , long lanky green sugarcane ,… 

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Raswala Bateta nu shaak ..Gujarati aloo curry recipe

side dish for pooris , chapatis, raswala bateta nu shaak

Raswala Bateta nu shaak is a very tasty popular side dish served in the Gujarati Thaali. The  Thaali meal is incomplete without this simple but lip smacking dish .Batetanu Shaak is a Gujarati word for the potato gravy dish and raswala means a gravy. This dish can be prepared both as a dry dish and… 

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Snakegourd and lentils ( Podalangai Poritha Kuzhambu /Poricha Kuzhambu)

mixed vegetables poricha kuzhambu

Every once in a while we like to make quick meals without having to make several dishes as accompaniments as for sambar, rasam which needs a side dish to have with meals. Poricha /poritha kuzhambu  comes to the rescue in a healthhy , nutritious way and one can easily satiate the appetite by having a… 

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kalyana rasam, wedding rasam

  I always take pride that  the two most prepared items  in our kitchen , the rasam and sambar has been perfected over the years through several trials and many varieties are being prepared, yet there always comes the time when you sit down to a scrumptious wedding feast and served hot sambar or rasam… 

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Misal Paav ( Popular Maharashtrian snack)

Mumbai street food , misal paav

Misal Paav,   a great finger licking feel good dish, lunch , snack  call it by any name. Paav Bhaaji, Bhel puris, chaats, Paani puris, sev batata puris and so many other myriad combinations of street foods continue to enthrall everyone in Mumbai and Maharashtra but Misal Paav is the signature dish and most quintessentially… 

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