mango rabdi

Mango Rabdi,  a simple yummy finish to the mango season!…so before the season ends, do give this a try as it doesn’t need much attention. Essentially a dessert made with a reduced layered thick milk sweetened naturally with mangoes or a small amount of sugar . Pouring thick rabdi over mango chunks while serving transforms… 

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Mambazha Puliseri ( Ripe mangoes cooked in a creamy yogurt coconut gravy )

  Mamabazha Puliseri , a name that makes one salivate instantly ,  a dish that is  a must  have in the grand Plantain leaf menu of the famed Kerala Sadya during Vishu or Onam,One cannot imagine a festive leaf devoid of this creamy , yogurty goodness with all the  sweetness of ripe succulent mangoes .This… 

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Instant cut mango pickles

The very mention of mangoes means jams,pickles,juices,shakes,shrikhand,aam ras,aam panna and the list is endless. Such delicious recipes you can make out of Mango the king of fruits. When summer is upon us and we see the pavement laden with mounds of raw mangoes all shapes and sizes. According to geographical location raw mangoes have so many names and shapes and sizes…. 

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