SAAGU………Restaurant style side dish ( Karnataka)


Check my Youtube video …. detailed recipe given below.  Saagu is a popular side dish served in most restaurants in Bangalore and many restaurants all over Karnataka . Each Saagu variety has little variants but the most popular one is the light green or white colored Saagu which is a lip smacking accompaniment to set… 

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Mambazha Puliseri ( Ripe mangoes cooked in a creamy yogurt coconut gravy )

  Mamabazha Puliseri , a name that makes one salivate instantly ,  a dish that is  a must  have in the grand Plantain leaf menu of the famed Kerala Sadya during Vishu or Onam,One cannot imagine a festive leaf devoid of this creamy , yogurty goodness with all the  sweetness of ripe succulent mangoes .This… 

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Paneer Butter masala ( Indian cottage cheese )

Paneer butter masala is the King of all paneer dishes I would say as this is one of the most ordered , much in demad North Indian dish in any Indian Restaurant. The name Punjabi dishes immediately reminds one of paneer butter masala and other paneer dishes.Definitely a calorie rich tasty scrumptious lip smacking dish ,  not… 

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