Potato saagu, Bombay saagu is a delightful simple side dish that is served with Rava  idlis in many restaurants in Karnataka  .I used to make this dish without knowing that  it was accompanied with rava idlis, at home it made an excellent emergency side dish for chapatis, or pooris. Until I got the opportunity to… 

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SAAGU………Restaurant style side dish ( Karnataka)


Check my Youtube video …. detailed recipe given below.  Saagu is a popular side dish served in most restaurants in Bangalore and many restaurants all over Karnataka . Each Saagu variety has little variants but the most popular one is the light green or white colored Saagu which is a lip smacking accompaniment to set… 

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Home made Instant Rasam paste to make Quick rasam

instant rasam paste

I have already shared some Rasam recipes in this blog to make instant rasam using a powder with all ingredients included and directions to make a good tasty rasam. I have also shared a similar quick Instant rasam recipe  where you make it for one time and not a store and keep recipe. This  is… 

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Mambazha Puliseri ( Ripe mangoes cooked in a creamy yogurt coconut gravy )

  Mamabazha Puliseri , a name that makes one salivate instantly ,  a dish that is  a must  have in the grand Plantain leaf menu of the famed Kerala Sadya during Vishu or Onam,One cannot imagine a festive leaf devoid of this creamy , yogurty goodness with all the  sweetness of ripe succulent mangoes .This… 

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