oats wheat flakes dry fruits ladoo protein ladoo

Snacking doesn’t need a reason and many of us do that between meals, after meals, , or just for no reason , mindless snacking without our knowledge we add too many calories and not much nutrition in choice of ingredients .So to stay safe and munch on these protein ladoos, healthy oats wheat flakes dry… 

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No cook Instant Poha /Beaten rice flakes/Aval Upma

    My mother would prepare a huge dabba of this ready to make poha which could be had plain and dry roasted with some nuts, dry chillies, coconut bits etc also called Avalakki in Kannada  , or could be turned into a yummy soft no cook poha which she would pack for my brother who left home… 

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Anzac cookies (Almond,Oatmeal)

anzac cookies

  There are cookies and cookies but Anzac cookies are something else. They are ridiculously so easy and you can do either a crunchy one or a slightly chewy one . You need to adjust the oven timings for that.The ingredients are the same for all anzac cookies, very easy and all available in the kitchen.Anzac cookies… 

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