Mawa Cake ( Eggless…. without oven )

eggless mawa

    Mawa cakes are so Indian i feel , very rich milky taste as mawa is used in the recipe. Very plain but yummy with hints of cardamom flavour , this rich cake doesnt need any introduction to the Mumbaikars who have probably enjoyed these delicous yummies at various Irani cafes in the city… 

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Milk powder barfi made using milk powder and two ingredients, a great easy sweet for Diwali

A delicious milk sweet that can be made any time when you crave for such pedha like milk sweets and especially useful to have additional sweets to give your guests a sweet surprise during Diwali . This is a bon to many people who have not made any special sweets for Diwali, a small personal… 

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One of the most popular craved for sweet every Diwali is surely the yummy Kaju katli…It is amazing what a simple recipe can create such an amazing sweet which everyone loves . ironically this is the most simplest to prepare as the steps are not complicated if few points are followed carefully. the beauty of… 

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Cashew Coconut Mysorepaak

Cashew nuts

This is an incredibly easy to make delicious sweet that combines the yumminess of coconut barfi and the melt in mouth taste of ghee Mysorepaak , the addition of fried cashews elevates it further .This recipe is highly recommended for beginners as it is not difficult and one need not be afraid of getting  the… 

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