Fruit custard

I love making small portions of fruitcustard ,with different ingredients and it is very cute to serve in the single serve bottles, kids love this , especially during kids parties, you can stock several such portions in the fridge conveniently and hand out one to each kid. You can use any seasonal fruit or berries… 

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Thiruvathirai..Kali ( A tasty delicacy prepared using powdered rice and moong dal )

thiruvadhirai kali, kootu

  Arudhra Darsanam also known as Thiruvathirai What is arudhra? Arudra is the name of a star. There are 27 stars that are used by the Hindu calendar. Arudra is one of the stars. Arudra means a Golden Red flame. Ardra Nakshatram, also known as Arudara or Thiruvathirai in South India, is the sixth Nakshatra… 

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