Navarathri recipes / vrat Dosas/ Upwas Dosas

upwas dosas for navarathri , vrat

For Navarathri  vrat , two  easy dosas you can prepare with potato or pumpkin . the outcome is great , just like rava dosas, we ca make crispy lacy dosas and these take not much time too . The recipes for two dosas Dosa no . 1.  Millet pumpkin dosa Ingredients : 1 cup chopped… 

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millets adai with flax seeds and lentils

This is  a great recipe for almost all age groups and particularly for those on a weight watch without sacrificing nutrients and taste .A great tasty dish for the diabetics and those on a no rice diet .The best way to make , to save time , is to mill the ingredients to a powdered… 

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This is a popular lip smacking  accompaniment to Theplas .( A traditional Gujarati fenugreek flat breads made of wholewheat flour and chickpea flour combination mixed with spices and fenugreek leaves) Traditionally mango chunda/chundo was made by keeping the combination of grated raw mangoes and sugar in a large covered glass jar in the sun for several days.The… 

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VEGETABLE CHUTNEY ( no coconut )

This is a very delicious tasty chutney using vegetables and a good accompaniment for idlis, dosas and chapatis. The addition of  spinach stems was on a spur of the moment and it didn’t alter the taste and gave a good body and texture to the chutney. Try it and add it to your list of… 

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