Walnut Crumb Coffee Cake With Plum Apple Coulis

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see url This is a delicious moist easy walnut crumb coffee cake adapted from Betty Crocker. . INGREDIENTS FOR WALNUT STREUSEL CRUMB TOPPING 1/3 Cup of pancake mix 1/3 cup brown sugar 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder 1/3 cup broken walnuts or any nuts of your choice for the steusel topping 2 tbsp unsalted butter Ingredients: 2 Cups pancake… 

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Easy Oats Idlis

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http://sat-rent.de/deribbebe/18049 As more and more people are getting to be health conscious and choosing their ingredients , many new dishes have come about innovatively using such healthy ingredients. One such is the versatile OATS – rolled ,steelcut,old fashioned,quick cooking and many other varieties . I remember searching in vain in big stores for oats. years ago when oats… 

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Strawberry,Apple Banana and Dates Smoothie

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60 sekunden optionen Strawberry,apples , Banana and dates smoothie. This is another grab and go kind of breakfast.When you are on the run and have no time for a sit down breakfast, this should suffice especially for kids who are perpetually late for their breakfast. This may be poured in a sealed takeaway tumblers too with a straw… 

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Afternoon Tea Carrot Pistachio Loaf

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Afternoon tea carrot pistachio loaf This simple delicious afternoon tea carrot pistachio loaf was a great success adapted from Inspired Edibles. Procedure The original recipe from Inspired Edibles Afternoon Tea Carrot Loaf 1 cup spelt flour. ( I used a mix of whole wheat flour and APF ) 1/2 cup chopped walnuts, or nut of your… 

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Wholewheat Brown Bread Grilled Toast

Wholewheat brown bread grilled toast Bread can be served in a million ways and this is one of them.Simply toast whole wheat brown breads and serve with grated cheese,finely chopped spinach ,tomato slices You can add a dash of white pepper,salt and and serve with fresh fruits like strawberries. The  veggies used may be grated carrots,tomatoes, cucumber. the choice is… 

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Sourcream, Banana Walnut Streusel Coffee Cake

Sour Cream  Banana walnut Streusel Coffee Cake INGREDIENTS:  TOPPING 1/3 cup Pancake mix 1/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar 1/2 cup banana puree 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/3 cup chopped nuts ( I used Walnuts ) 1/4 cup butter, softened 2 tsp any flavored instant coffee powder. BATTER. 2 cups Pancake mix 1/2 cup sugar 1… 

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Quick Easy Veg Wraps

Quick easy wraps from rotis/flour tortillas I often thought of making wraps the original way using tortilla flour but I also wanted the easier way without compromising on the taste and convenience that wraps offer. Here’s my take on the everyday wraps that can be made from the good old chapati/roti I prefer to use… 

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