CHAM CHAM ( Bengal sweets )

follow link by Leave a Comment delicious milk sweet from Bengal using fresh chenna

here A  delicious Bengal milk sweet made from fresh chenna ( crumbled fresh home made paneer ) using thick full cream milk , with a creamy delicious malai mava filling in the center..we can have  any kind of tasty filling according to our choice but malai mava taste is simply yummy . Cham cham can also be made using milk powder , boil milk made from milk powder , and the method is the same ., video link is given below . Most of us have grown up with some strong memories attached to our growing up years  and as we grow older these memories come back as fresh as ever and it seems like yesterday ! To me having all these milk sweets , esp Bengal sweets like rasgollas, rasmalai, sandesh , cham cham come with some poignant memories attached and i think iam finally satisfied that i stared a blog only to perfect making these desserts very close to my heart . I have to thank my dad I  think who was responsible for treating us kids with these yummy delights . Every year , when our school final exams were declared and i had topped the class or managed to get a good report , this was what i was treated to ..!

option binary 15 Never in my wildest dreams i imagined making them at some point in life and here Iam today with the perfect recipe and a quick video .

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CHAM CHAM ( Bengal sweets )
Delicious Bengal sweet Cham Cham made using fresh chenna with full cream milk , totally melt in the mouth dessert
Bengal sweets Cham Cham

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40 minutes

Cook Time

12 minutes
Course desserts
Prep Time 40 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
Bengal sweets Cham Cham
  1. Boil milk , and add lime juice when it comes to a full boil , switch off gas . gently stir milk and see that it curdles completely , keep aside for a while .
  2. now drain this chenna and water through a fine thin cloth over a colander , tie it up into a bundle and hang it for about half hour .
  3. your smooth chenna is now ready for making cham cham .
  4. untie the bundle of cloth , place the ball of chenna on a plate , and crumble with fingers. add the fine sooji / rava/semolina , powdered sugar and now make a smooth ball of dough .
  5. knead with your heel of the palm and drag the chenna across the plate to make it smooth and pliable just like we do for making rasgollas .. , this may take around 5 minutes but worth the effort as you will get a smooth crack free dough . kneading the chenna dough is the most important step . this will ensure you get perfect cham cham
  6. now roll the ball of chenna into a log , cut off pieces of dough , which will be easier to make equal no of cham cham .roll each ball into oval shape .
  7. meanwhile keep sugar to boil in a pot , add cardamom pods and add 4 cups water, let it come to a good boil . we can also presure cook , i have already tried the pressure cooker method, works very well , just add sugar syrup to boil in a cooker vessel , drop prepared cham cham rolls into boiling syrup, cover and pressure cook upto 3 whistles..let cooker cool down naturally . rest of procedure same .
  8. drop the prepared oval shaped cham cham into the sugar syrup , keeping on medium heat , close with lid and let cham cham cook for about 10 minutes till it doubles and looks swollen do not stir with ladle in between as the cham cham is likely to crumble while it is cooking ,.the cham cham wont be very spongy but firm and well cooked .
  9. remove and keep on a plate to cool .
  10. now make the creamy malai mava filling . take apan , add ghee,, add milk , milk powder ,saffron milk and cook till thick and little creamy . dont allow this to dry out too much as it will be difficult to apply the filling inside the cham cham .
  11. now take each cham cham , make a slit along the side all the way , without slicing fully , place generous amount of mava filling inside each cham cham , close lightly .
  12. place some dried fruits , cherries, or nuts aroound the slit , and roll the prepared cham cham over coconut powder , this is purely optional .
  13. Delicious cham cham is ready to be devoured !
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