Foxtail Millet dosa
delicious healthy crispy foxtail millets , ag reat way to enjoy your dosa while reducing intake of white rice and increasing use of millets in your regular diet in some form .
Servings Prep Time
10nos 6hours
Servings Prep Time
10nos 6hours
  1. wash the millets several times, clean it , and soak in clean water for 4-6 hours .
  2. wash and soak udad dal and methi seeds for 3 hours
  3. wash the poha few times and keep soaked in little water . soak for about 1 hours
  4. grind the udad dal, methi seeds till a soft foamy batter, add the miilets and poha , continue to grind till thick, smooth batter . You can also grind all together in a mixie till batter is very smooth and thick as regular idli dosa batter .
  5. allow batter to ferment . Dosasa can be prepared immediately without fermenting too , fermentation gives little more crispy dosa and good colour too . i have shown both in the video , do check .
  6. prepare dosas just like usual on a hot greased tava, using ghee or oil .