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autopzioni binarie a un euro login One of the healthiest filling refreshing dish from Korea is Japchae a Korean  sweet potato glass noodles stir fry with some colorful vegetables that any lover of noodles will not say no to . This amazingly simple but totally delicious dish was once a royal dish and now decades later has become a regular in the Korean Cuisine . With the sweet and spicy flavors , Japchae is a hearty filling meal .

matchmaking leopard Korean sweet potato glass noodles stirfry

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Delicious colorful glass noodles stir fry with an assortment of colorful vegetables and meat , this recipe is a vegetarian one . also called cellophane noodles .
Korean sweet potato glass noodles stirfry
Cuisine Korean
Prep Time 12 minutes
Cook Time 7 minutes
Korean sweet potato glass noodles stirfry
  1. Mix all sauce ingredients and stir well
  2. Thinly slice all vegetables .except spinach
  3. Blanch spinach in boiling water , it should wilt a bit .drain the spinach with cold water and wipe out excess water ,either in a colander or patting dry with paper towels .
  4. now thinly chop spinach leaves and sautee in some sesame oil and sesame seeds.add salt and some pepper. , keep aside .
  5. Meanwhile cook the noodles in a pot of boiling water as per packet instructions
  6. Within 6-7 minutes the noodles will cook , immediately add cold water to prevent sogginess.and drain . Chop the noodles into 6 inch long pieces with a knife .
  7. In a pan add some sesame oil ,,stir fry the drained cooled noodles on a high flame , till it looks transparent . keep tossing the skillet to prevent noodles from sticking to bottom .. remove and keep aside .
  8. Now toss the onion slices, scallions and other vegetables lightly in oil , add some pepper, salt , sesame seeds . add garlic, stir all vegetables till they are crisply cooked . keep aside .
  9. Add spinach and any sauce left over in a bowl , add all vegetables, noodles and mix gently .
  10. Adjust the seasonings and salt . Delicious Japchae is ready .
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