Kruvepillai thogayal  / curry leaf thogayal is an indispensable part of the Tmil cooking , esp Tambram cooking  we just cannot do without the humble but most healthiest condiment ever . It is not very uncommon among households to switch to a meal of curry leaf thogayal, rasam and some papad after a previous  day or week of binge eating  , esp  festival foods which are no simple dishes but heavily laden with calories , taste and one digs in with gay abandon as festivals are our most looked forward to events , almost every month after aadi ..one by one festivals roll in and one cannot help but take the gastronomic way .

The nutritional, medicinal benefits of curry leaf is known to one and all and so i will not elaborate on that , it acts as a stomach calmer, aids digestion, dispels gas and improves your iron levels too .

Karuvepillai thogayal tastes divine with curd rice . Karuvepillai rice can also be made by using this ground thogayal.

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karuvepillai thogayal

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Delicious healthy curry leaf thogayal
  1. in a pan , add oil and first roast the split udad dal,add red cilliies, roast till they become crisp,
  2. add green chilly and ginger, add tamrind, add sesame seeds , roast till seeds pop
  3. add aasafoetida powder , while roasting .
  4. remove and keep aside to cool
  5. separately roast in the same pan , the two cups of curry leaves and roast till they somewhat look wilted but not black
  6. now grind all the ingredienst along with jaggery and salt in a mixie jar till roughly ground,with drops of water . Usually thogayal is ground in ammi ,( a stone slab with pestle ) in Tamil and it is usually ground a little coarse.
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