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source url Kothamalli thokku / Coriander leaves thokku / pickle …A travel friendly recipe .😋😋 As usual i have used a short cut to make this most delicious coriander thokku, spicy , fresh and tongue tickling , perfect for curd rice this hot summer..

rencontre gratuite via facebook I have a stock of pulikaachal / ( spicy tamrind sauce used to make Puliyodharai )
I use this pulikaachal as the base to make any thokku ..
when i dont have enough time or cannot wait to make any thokku from scratch this pulikaachal paste comes handy .
The above kothamalli thokku also prepared in the same way ..😉

follow link so if you love thokku and dont want to spend too much time in kitchen , follow the above method , we can make yummy bitter gourd thokku, curry leaves thokku, brinja thokku , any variety .. just keep a big bottle of pulikaachal / puliyodharai paste as the base for any thokku . .😃😃 my pulikaachal gets exhausted this way .

see url Basic pulikaachal / puliyodharai recipe link

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Kothamalli thokku / Coriander leaves thokku / pickle ...A travel friendly recipe
  1. grind two cups of cleaned washed coriander leaves , with stems , finely chopped, with some red dry chillies , big pinch of asafoetida powder, a tiny pinch of salt ,( as pulikaachal also has salt , so make sure to add just a little )without adding water. I like to grind a little coarsely .
  2. in a pan add 1 tbsp sesame oil , add 2 tbsp of the pulikaachal paste , add the coarsely ground paste of coriander leaves and red chillies, sautee for 2-3 minutes.
  3. delicious coriander leaves thokku done ! ( this cuts time of having to prepare the thokku from scratch, waiting for the tamrind and coriander leaves paste to thicken)
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