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skorpion partnersuche Mango methi leaves pickle makes an  amazing fusion of flavors of the sourness from raw green mangoes, , mild bitterness and a great aroma of tender methi leaves .

I have earlier posted a recipe for mango pickle with methi sprouts . That  was amazing too  so I thought why not use the greens this time and i loved it , i have it practically with everything . I have used the small greens , methi micro greens and so i didn’t chop them too fine , just trimmed the roots and used the tender greens along with grated mango to make the pickle , called thokku in Tamil . check that recipe here

watch This thokku is so delicious  that you can even make a mango rice with it , just add few tbsp to cooled fluffed rice and a delicious mango methi rice is ready . I love the idea of adding methi as it makes the pickle healthy too and not much oil is added .

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Mango ,Fenugreek leaves pickle / mango methi pickle
A delicious blend of flavors of the tangy mango , some sourness and hints of methi flavors with a rich aroma .
mango methi leaves pickle

watch Prep Time

10 minutes

Cook Time

10 minutes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
mango methi leaves pickle
  1. wash the greens, well , trim the roots .
  2. allow to dry in a colander or with paper towel , as there shouldnt be any moisture .
  3. grate green firm mangoes .
  4. take a heavy bottom pan , add about 2 tbsp oil .
  5. let it get heated, add the mustard seeds, allow to splutter , add turmeric powder.
  6. add asafoetida powder, add the grated mangoes.
  7. on a low flame , keep sauteeing the grated mangoes, add the meth greens also .add required chilli powder, salt and oil ,
  8. allow the thokku mixture to cook on a very low flame .
  9. keep stirring with a spatula, as the mixture shouldnt get burnt .
  10. within few minutes you will see the grated mangoes and greens have become shriveled as they cook and the mixture looking thick .
  11. when the oil starts leaving the sides of the pan , the mixture would have become very thick and resemble like a halva .It is ready .
  12. you can adjust the spicy taste later , if you feel you need more spicy pickle .
  13. store in a clean glass jar . Usually pickles will lose the spicy flavor in two three days, and so you can make any adjustments after that .
  14. enjoy with curd rice , chapatis or theplas, parathas.
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