A delicious healthy blend of millets, gram dal, some dry fruits and nuts combined with the goodness of pure Uthukuli cow ghee to form a healthy nutri ladoo which can be enjoyed by the young and old alike .
Servings Prep Time
12nos 12minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
12nos 12minutes
Cook Time
  1. first roast all the millets and fried gram dal till a fine aroma emanates .keep aside to cool
  2. melt the Uthukuli ghee till very hot and keep aside .
  3. ghee roast cashewnuts and raisins
  4. dry roast other nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios , keep aside to cool .
  5. dry roast any millet flours you are using in case you are unable to get whole millets ,
  6. let all ingredients come to room temperature and gets cooled well .
  7. first grind all the roasted millets and gram dal till smooth , remove , keep aside .
  8. grind to a fine powder other dry nuts and gram dal till fine ,
  9. now sieve all the ground ingredients that has been powdered so that you get a fine powder .
  10. take a heavy pan, add the melted Uthukuli ghee, let it bubble a bit .
  11. now add all the ground powder that has been sieved well , and mix with the bubbling ghee, keep mixing quickly , keeping gas flame to very low . add the ghee fried cashew nuts , raisins, shredded dates, cardamom powder, mix well . add the powdered sugar or jaggery . switch off flame now .
  12. take a small ladle of this hot ladoo mixture, if you are able to hold well , and it maintains a ball shape , then you dont need to add more ghee.
  13. allow the mixture to cool till you are able to start making balls .
  14. dont allow mixture to completely or else you wont be able to make the millet balls.
  15. It is suggested that you make the millet balls little at a time . Take enough quantity of the ground mixture, add the hot Uthukuli ghee, mix well, shape into balls. This way you will not have any left over flour ,
  16. while binding the ladoos , it may appear little loose , and soft ladoo , but on cooling the ladoo will harden well just like in rava ladoo .