Multi millets dosa |Mixed Millets Dosa | Healthy recipes

mixed millets dosa

Millets make a healthy dosa and one can get amazing texture and taste using millets as a substitute for rice . multi millets or a mixed milllets combination is a great way to incorporate millet varieties in one dish .Healthy breakfasts need not be boring .

this dosa may appear like adai, which is usually prepared with a mix of lentils, however millets dosa is much lighter, easier to digest and suitable for quick morning breakfast . The beauty of the recipe is that we can mix and match ingredients as we prefer , for instance i increased the quantity of ragi, hence the reddish colour .

Those looking to replace rice from their diet , can consider millets as an healthy alternative . Besides being healthy , i also like the fact that we can speed up a dish preparation , as millets need less soaking time , unlike rice , so we can grind all ingredients together to prepare the batter .

more on millets , the blog has several recipes and loads of info, so i will not repeat them here .

mixed millets dosa
mixed millets dosa
mixed millets dosa , healthy dosa
mixed millets dosa
mixed millets dosa, multi grain dosa
mixed millets dosa

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Multi millets dosa |Mixed Millets Dosa | Healthy recipes
Delicious healthy millet dosa , diabetic friendly and easy to digest , suitable for all ages . One f the best choices in millets based recipes, good for weight management and as a part of your diet meal regimen .
  1. 1. In a vessel soak the udad dal, fenugreek seeds/methi for 4 hours
  2. 2. In another vessel wash the rice and millets, soak together for the same time. Wash millets well, several times, as some varieties have many dust particles and will appear dusty .
  3. 3. Drain water and first grind udad dal and methi to a smooth foamy batter.
  4. 4. Next grind the rice and millets to a slightly coarser batter than the udad dal batter.
  5. 5. Mix both batter and keep for overnight fermentation.
  6. 6. Next day, add salt, stir batter well, make dosas as you normally do with regular batter. Serve with chutneys or sambar of your choice.
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