Muthusaram (Mullu Murukku)

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Muthusaram / mullu muruku is a delicious deep fried snack made using rice flour and dals. Traditionally the rice flour was prepared at home by washing well, soaking few minutes and laying out the soaked drained rice on a mat or a cotton cloth to airdry . This was powdered and sieved well to use in many rice based snacks . Many thengoyal, muruku varieties can be prepared by using this processed rice flour .

Traditionally prepared for Gokulaashtami and Diwali , this is a crunchy delight for afternoon snacking . During weddings also , muthusaramis one of the seer bakshnams that is offered to the bridegrooms family along with other murukku varieties .

For those with little time and who can get good quality rice powder from the store , the process is even easier . 
Prepare the basic murruku maavu ( flour ) ahead and make a variety of snacks for the festival days or any time you wish to make a small quantity of snacks for afternoon .


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Muthusaram (Mullu Murukku)
Delicious crunchy snack made with rice and dals .Traditionally prepared for Gokulaashtami and Diwali , this is a crunchy delight for afternoon snacking . Prepare the basic muruku maavu ( flour ) and prepare within minutes delicious muthusaram anytime .
Prep Time 15 minutes
Prep Time 15 minutes
  1. first roast the chana dal and moong dal on a very low flame till it becomes aromatic and turns brownish , remove and keep aside to cool .
  2. powder the roasted dals to a very fine powder , and sieve it well . This step is very important as the dal powder must be very smooth and fine with no grits .
  3. Next , take a bowl and add 1 1/2 cups of rice flour , add 1/2 cup of blended dal powder , mix well, add salt , asafoetida powder , mix all dry ingredients well ,
  4. add butter or ghee and mix with dry flours well till mixture looks like crumble .
  5. now add water gradually in small quantities , till you are able to make a smooth soft dough .
  6. keep oil heated, reduce flame to medium , drop a pinch of dough to see if oil has heated well ,
  7. now take a murukku press, place a small portion of the dough int eh press, use the star shaped plate for making these muthu saram. Squeeze directly into hot oil ., without adding too many circles of dough .
  8. allow the muthusaram to cook well, till golden, flip and cook both sides, remove when it appears stiff, drain the oil , and set aside in a dry air tight container . the muthusaram will become even more crunchy as it cools . Do not wait for muthusaram to become very crunchy while getting deep fried , this will turn them very dark , after they cool down . Remove when they appear and feel almost crunchy . Most deep fried snacks will feel soft when very hot in oil, but after removing and draining them off oil , they become more crunchy on cooling .
  9. do not make a bigger batch of dough as the muthusaram will become dark , after the dough is rested for a while , so better make in small cup fuls by mixing not more than 2 cups of flour at a time . , prepare fresh dough for every batch of 25 muthusaram .
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