mysore rasam

mysore rasam

Mysore Rasam , Mysuru Rasam  is a well known lip smacking  rasam with freshly pounded ingredients . It makes a heavenly alternative to the usual bowl of daily rasam that we prepare with previously powdered rasam ingredinets . The taste is to be relished to believe . This is one of the most popular rasam in the country and so well known .  It is just as easy to prepare the Mysore rasam powder in advance and use it when ever desired but i prefer to make it fresh every time . And it is worth it .


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A delicious lip smacking rasam which is prepared with freshly ground spices and easy to prepare .
  1. Roast the rasam powder ingredients, coriander seeds , red chillies , chana dal , asafoetida powder , pepper, till aromatic , add coconut and cumin at the end .add some curry leaves too for more aroma
  2. allow the roasted ingredients to cool . Powder and keep aside till needed
  3. In a pan add the tamrind water extracted about 1.5 cups thin extract , add chopped tomatoes, some curry leaves , turmeric powder , asafoetida powder , pinch of salt , cover and allow to boil till tomatoes soften . Tamrind can be skipped if using more tangy tomatoes .
  4. pressure cook the toor dal , mash well and keep aside . we need more dal water and less of mashed dal .
  5. when the tomatoes have become soft and raw smell has disappeared , add the ground spice powder , add the toor dal mashed with enough water to dilute the rasam
  6. give one more gentle boil , switch off . Do not over boil . When rasam begins to froth , switch off and cover .
  7. garnish with coriander leaves , add 1/2 tsp jaggery ( optional )
  8. prepare the tempering by heating a ladle , add ghee, add mustard seeds, allow to crackle, add asafoetida powder, 1-2 broken red chillies, curry leaves .
  9. pour over the prepared Mysore rasam , cover and keep
  10. Enjoy with hot steaming rice .
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