palkova recipe | How to prepare palkova

palkova recipe, milk sweet , theratipaal
Palkova | Theratipaal
how to make pal kova , milk sweet , theratipaal

palkova recipe | How to make palkova with milk | palgova recipe with step by step pics and video recipe

Palkova is a classic heirloom South Indian sweet that is milk-based dessert recipe made from reducing the milk to a creamy thick mass or milk solids , so it can either be served as milk solids or shaped into Pedas as is done in North India . South Indian weddings arent complete without serving palkova in one of the many rituals that follow a typical Tambram wedding .

Palkova is most popularly made in almost every household at the time of Gokulashtami | Krishna Jayanthi | Janmaashtami

As the sweet is pretty simple to make though time consuming , it is also most often prepared for almost any festival.

palkova | palgova | Theratipaal

palkova recipe | how to make palkova with milk | palkova recipe step by step . A video recipe and step by step instructions given below .

Palkova is one of the most famous popular milk sweet from Tamilnadu esp from Srivilliputtur. Palkova is prepared from rich creamy milk preferably full cream milk . Palkova is perhaps the only dessert requiring just two ingredients , milk and sugar .

There are many ways to prepare the palkova but the traditional method is the best as it gives the most authentic taste , as it is slow cooked till it thickens . You can choose to make it as smooth as you like or a little grainy .

Furthermore points to be noted are some small tips while preparing palkova , such as using a heavy bottomed pan , preferably a traditional iron kadai or a heavy steel . Avoid nonstick pans for obvious reasons as extreme heat generated during the long cooking process of palkova will release some toxic fumes and smell. For any long duration sweet preparation esp milk based one , better to avoid non stick pan .

Furthermore adding add ons such as slivered nuts and flavors are purely optional and the traditional method has no such embellishments .

Palkova is nothing but the simplest form of making a delicious milk sweet with just two basic ingredients , milk and sugar .There are many variety of milk sweets called as peda in the North but the South Indian Palkova s the most basic of them all sans any frills or fuss.

Srivilliputhur in Tamil Nadu is famous for Palkova. The Palkova sweet originated from Srivilliputhur – a city in Virudhunagar district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu . Srivilliputhur is famous for the milk society – that has been producing large quantities of milk production. The Srivilliputhur Milk Cooperative Society Ltd. and other local dealers started the production of milk .So with abundant milk supply , the discovery of making a simple milk sweet was quite natural .It is not surprising that Srivilliputhur has become the main producing centre for Palkova in Tamilnadu.

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palkova recipe | How to prepare palkova
Delicious creamy milk sweet called Palkova in Tamil or Theratti paal . Usually prepared for all festivals and all auspicious functions. one of the simplest and yummiest recipe with just two ingredients milk and sugar .
palkova, milk sweet , peda, theratipal
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
palkova, milk sweet , peda, theratipal
  1. take a heavy bottomed pan , preferably iron or heavy steel.
  2. add the full cream milk and allow to boil on medium heat .
  3. after boiling , allow to keep simmering , till milk thickens
  4. use a ladle to constantly stir the milk , so that it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan and burn .
  5. scrape off the sides of the pan , and add the cream formed to the thickening milk .
  6. after nearly 45 minutes , the milk would have started to bubble and froth , add sugar at this time , reduce flame to lowest as nw this step is very crucial and the palkova may get burnt if you dont stir continuously .
  7. after adding sugar the milk mixture will become a little loose in consistency , keep thickening , add cardamom powder if you wish ,
  8. add about 1-2 tbsp ghee so that the final milk solids will become very moist and non sticky .
  9. remove the palkova when consistency is still little loose and allow to cool .
  10. on cooling , the palkova will become more firm
  11. garnish with slivered nuts or saffron strands for decoration .
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