Potato Buns | Bakery style Potato buns | Aaloo buns

wholewheat potato buns bakery style
potato buns | potato rolls
potato buns
Potato buns
potato buns
potato buns

recipe : for the filling

Ingredients :.

( any dry sabzi or samosa filling is good enough for this bun )

4 medium size potatoes cooked, peeled and mashed .

pinch of turmeric powder

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

2 green chillies finely chopped

some coriander leaves for garnishing

2 tsp oil

salt as needed

1 tomato finely chopped

1-2 small onions finely chopped

some green peas,

1-2 chopped or grated carrots

1 tbsp pav bhaji masala or any garam masala

pinch of amchur masala powder or chaat masala

1/2 tbsp ginger garlic paste ( optional )


Take a pan, add some oil , heat and temper with cumin seeds , green chillies, add in chopped onions, a pinch of salt

to cook onions faster, add in choopped tomatoes, turmeric powder.

Mix well , add in cooked mashed potato mixture, adjust salt, add in the pav bhaji masala powder or garam masala or any sabzi masala , add the amchur powder ,

do not add any water, and the mixture must look combined well and smooth .it is better to keep the filling a little spicier because when we taste the final potato bun , we may find the filling taste is a bit reduced in spice, hence keep filling a little spicy and correct amount of salt , or lime juice .,

I have kept the filling simple but spicy .

Garnish with mint leaves chopped finely or chopped coriander leaves .

Allow the potato mixture to cool down well before placing in the prepared dough for making the buns .

You can also make these in round shape .

potato buns
potato buns

Do check my recent video on making the basic dough for paav buns and dinner rolls , how to knead etc given below

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Potato Buns | Bakery style Potato buns | Aaloo buns
Delciious easy to bake potato buns that most of us have en joyed in school and college canteens and local small Iyengar bakeries esp people from Karnataka and Tamilnadu will surely be familiar with .
Prep Time 3 hours
Cook Time 18-20 minutes
Prep Time 3 hours
Cook Time 18-20 minutes
  1. First prepare the yeast for activation by adding in a bowl, add warm water and sugar , allow to activate .may take about 10-15 minutes. It should look foamy when activated .
  2. Now add in the flour, salt ,milk powder , to the the water activated by yeast . first use a spatula to mix the ingredients as it will be very sticky, difficult to handle ,
  3. now tip the contents on to a slightly floured board and add in the softened butter ,the dough will be sticky but coming together , keep kneading the sticky mixture which will soon become easy to handle with kneading , do not keep adding any flour, just work the dough and you will get a smooth non sticky dough , about 12 minutes of kneading , you can use a drop of oil to grease your palms.
  4. you will notice dough getting stretchy, supple and smooth . Take the dough and you should be able to stretch . The smooth soft dough is now ready for first proofing . place this dough in an oiled glass bowl, cover with cling wrap or cloth and allow to rise . may take around 40-60 minutes . after an hour or so, notice the dough has almost doubled , now tip the contents onto a floured surface or a non stick mat .
  5. i used a non stick plate which was very useful to bring the sticky dough together without adding too much flour for handling , after the rise . Knock the dough to flat , and punch few times, use a spatula or a scraper to bring together . when you have shaped it to a smooth ball, divide the dough into two , and roll each into long cylindrical shape like a log . slice off small rounds from the log.
  6. Pat each rounds of dough with palm or a lightly use the rolling pin , to shape into a little thick chapati like . keep it medium size about length of palm . we will be placing the filling in each thick chapati so prepared . place the prepared cooled filling in the thick chapati, flatten the filling instead of keeping it in the center like a ball . and now roll up each chapati with the filling gently , no pressure should be applied, arrange on a greased tray for about 30 minutes to proof further
  7. Preheat oven at 200 degrees C . Brush the prepared ( now slightly risen) potato rolls with milk before baking . Sprinkle the sesame seeds on top after brushing with milk . Bake at 200 for 20 minutes. just a little before 20 minutes check on the buns
  8. check to see if the top is getting browned, you can use an aluminium foil to cover to prevent over browning . or reduce heat and allow to bake till done . you can also rotate the tray for even browning . Remove the buns , rub a slice of cold butter on top of each bun to keep a soft crust and a glaze . This bun will remain soft inside and will be easy to slice to bite sized pieces
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