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see Vegan Shakshouka 😋😋 , a spiced vegetarian dish from Arabic, Israel cuisine and very popular in Mediterranean regions , tomatoes cooked to a sauce like thick gravy , chilli, peppers , some onions , and spiced with cumin , with whole wheat toasted bread, ideally Pita bread would have been nice, but i had to make do with bread, the dish is a medley of vegetables and topped with tofu scrambled.( in place of eggs ) shakshouka is associated with Israel, where it was introduced by Jewish immigrants from Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and Libya. It is a very filling , delicious, , dish that can be had for brunch or lunch and usually served in the pan in which it is cooked .
Like any dish Shakshouka has many versions with eggs, meat , different vegetables like artichokes, eggplant, spinach , lentils , and the simple vegetarian vegan version too . The name Shakshouka means shaken up, or mixed up .

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A delicious medley of assorted vegetables in a thick tomato spiced sauce that is so perfect with breads or naan
Vegan shakshouka

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myspace rencontre Prep Time

10 minutes

widerruf binäre optionen Cook Time

12 minutes


Course Main Dish
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
Vegan shakshouka
  1. heat oil in a large iron skillet ( preferably )
  2. add garlic, sautee till garlic is infused in the oil without getting burnt .
  3. add the chopped onions, bell peppers and continue to sautee in medium heat till onions look translucent
  4. add the bay leaf an all the spices one by one , on a low heat , add the eggplant , diced tomatoes and the tomato paste .
  5. add a little water to enable the mixture to cook well
  6. add salt, pepper, chili flakes, dried herbs
  7. keep stirring , as the tomatoes cook and the sauce appears bubbly with the sauce thickening .
  8. sprinkle the kala namak ( black salt )
  9. add pan roasted tofu just before removing , allow the tofu to soften .
  10. tofu can be added as slices cut into rounds and dropped in the thick hot sauce just before removing .
  11. serve with toasted bread, naan or Pita bread .
  12. Tofu can be added as a scramble too .
  13. Serve hot Shakshouka straight from the iron skillet
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