Thai green Curry Paste ( vegetarian)

thai green curry paste ( vegetarian)
Thai green curry paste ( vegetarian )

One of the most popular cuisines around the world must surely be Thai cuisine . I thought i had my taste buds fixed and wouldn’t easily adapt to any other cuisine and would most likely experiment with some trepidation , sounding a bit extreme there but that is who I am ..until I tasted some good Thai food , i couldn’t believe the mind blowing flavors and one of the reason is i feel it is so much familiar to our Indian foods, with coconut milk and aromatic freshly pounded herbs spices that go into most dishes .

I had made some Thai green curry paste earlier , but wasn’t fully satisfied as i hadn’t got hold of galangal, and Thai chillies. This time i got hold of all the ingredients from a nursery and am glad to say the effort was worth it . Now i treasure my bottle of most authentic bottle of home made Thai green curry paste without the added shrimp paste that you will get in the stores . Next time i will prepare it by using a mortar and pestle . There are some dishes , worth all the labour . 🙂

Thai green curry paste  ( vegetarian )
Thai green curry paste ( vegetarian )
Thai green curry paste
Ingredients to make Thai green curry paste

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Thai green Curry Paste ( vegetarian)
Delicious Thai green curry paste to make the most yummiest Thai curry , vegetarian .
  1. Dry roast the spices, allow to cool
  2. add all ingredients to a blender and grind toa smooth fine paste without adding water
  3. store in a clean dry glass jar .
  4. when stored in fridge , it stays good for a fortnight , can be frozen too for longer shelf life .
  5. you can add vinegar or lime juice , to act as preservative .
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