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go stirfry My girl is fond of simple vegan food, healthful bowl of veggies with not too much spices, but a simple stirfry with hints of what ever flavors she chooses. One such vegan lunch  we enjoyed recently a bowl of soft fluffed brown rice, a stir fry of assorted veggies all thinly slice and tossed with spices. The tofu is an inseparable part of the vegan lunch so it goes in many forms and seems to blend in well , an amazing bell pepper hummus ( star of the menu 😋😋 )some whole wheat crispy toasted bread, sauteed chickpeas.

binäre optionen vs forex what more could one ask ! after cooking endless meals of South Indian traditional fare for years , these foods come as a refreshing change . I do love my South Indian food and nothing can replace that but the menu has now extended so much , we have lots of variety to choose from , so win win for all .


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amsterdam dating english The  vegan lunch has the following dishes 1.Brown rice

2. seasoned chickpeas

3.pan roasted tofu , using sesame oil , sprinkle of salt , chili flakes or pepper can be used . toss till crispy .

4. Pita bread would have been ideal, as i had none , I used toasted whole wheat bread multi grains oats, flax seeds bread .

5. Bell pepper hummus .

here I will post the recipe of a delicious stir fry .

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A delicious wok of assorted vegetables cooked into a spicy stirfry .
Cuisine Korean
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 6 minutes
Cuisine Korean
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 6 minutes
  1. chop all vegetables as thinly as possible.
  2. take a wok, add some oil , let it heat up
  3. add garlic and chiliies, add the minced spring onions .
  4. let the flavors get infused in oil without burning the garlic .
  5. add all vegetables and keep flame at medium and keep tossing to cook .
  6. add soy sauce, salt , pepper,
  7. as the stirfry should have crunchy vegetables, do not cook till it gets too soft , you need a bit in the veggies so keep the flame from medium to high and toss around till vegetables glisten and have become a little tender.
  8. remove and serve .
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