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Delicious blend of healthy vegetables with a mix of select dried herbs and flavors , a great way to incorporate vegetables hidden in the sauce for picky kids.
  1. In a pan add some olive oil , first sautee the garlic cloves with onions , till finely infused in oil , and onion s are transparent , then add all vegetables and now cook them with little water till the mixture has cooked to a very soft texture .
  2. when the mixture is thickening , remove from flame and let cool . blend to a paste using immersion blender or in a jar .
  3. now again heat a pan , add some more olive oil ,add the blended vegetable paste , add the canned tomato paste , tomato puree..add salt and other spices, allow to cook for few minutes till the sauce appears thick and not watery .
  4. you can add the dry herb mix to the sauce and stir well. this home made vegetable sauce with hidden vegetables is good for kids who are very picky and not having sufficient vegetables in their food . this sauce can be refrigertaed for a month and kept in freezer too .
  5. ( another way is to process all vegetables in a blender till a little coarse paste is formed and then you can cook that in a pan with oil and spices, salt .)
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