Diwali  is the time to make some traditional sweets  and one such simple favorite is the Badusha or Balushahi as it is also known. Fit for the kings , mildly sweet, light and flaky ,  something you can have a piece or two indulging during Diwali. INGREDIENTS: 1   cup all purpose flour ( maida) 1/4 cup… 

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Janmashtami | Diwali | Festival recipe….Ribbon pakoda/nada pakoda

      Krishna Janmashttami  heralds the beginning of festival season   with  mouth  watering offerings to the Lord. Ribbon pakoda or nada pakoda as it is popularly called is one of the many tasty offerings.   This is a popular crunchy made during Janmashtami. It is also made during Diwali It is very simple… 

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Kasi Halwa ( White pumpkin halwa )

kasi hlwa, Diwali , pumpkin sweet

One of the most traditional sweets to be  prepared and offered is the Kasi Halwa usually served  in weddings and also prepared during Diwali.For beginners and  newcomers to kitchen , this halwa is darned easy and you just cannot go wrong as the only step you need to follow is keep stirring till it comes… 

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manoharam, sweets, snacks, Diwali recipes,

  Manoharam is a typical South Indian Tambram  snack usually prepared for weddings as seer, Bakshanam which means a certain no of each variety of sweets and savories are to be gifted to the bridegrooms family at the time of the wedding and this is a typical preferred snack as a light crunchy jaggery coated… 

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