Review : Kurukkathi Seedai

seedai,vella seedai,Kurukkathi vella seedai  is an excellent website to browse for a whole range of foods like masalas, sweets, savouries, gourmet condiments, traditional kitchenware , beverages, fruits,spices , imported products etc . There are special festival packs available and one can customise the order. Conveniently they offer shipping overseas as well. Products are neatly packed and door delivered promptly with freshest… 

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Mava Gujiyas ( Suffed pastry with dry fruits, nuts and mava )

Gujiyas are  basically  deep  fried stuffed pastry with dry fruits, sugar and nuts mixed with crumbled mava. A traditionally prepared pastry around Holi festival . These are deep fried , flaky and crispy outside, then dipped into sugar syrup and served.  Almost similar to Karanjis, karchikai s of South India. Ingredients: 1 cup all purpose… 

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Coconut rice ( A festival recipe )

festival lunch , coconut rice

Festival lunch There are certain food preparations which come under the festival recipes and coconut rice is one of them. Strangely we make this so often along with Lemon rice that we no longer consider it as a dish to be prepared only during festival times. As far as I am concerned , this dish… 

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Ven Pongal ( Khara Pongal Festival Recipe )

  The Harvest festival of Tamilnadu called Pongal or Thai  Pongal conjures up images of colorful  pots  overflowing with milk, dal and rice and little kids and elders exclaiming ecstatically Pongalo Pongal..the ,exchange of ellu bella, ( sesame seeds and jaggery ) in Karnataka where it is called Makara Sankranthi , long lanky green sugarcane… 

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manoharam, sweets, snacks, Diwali recipes,

  Manoharam is a typical South Indian Tambram  snack usually prepared for weddings as seer, Bakshanam which means a certain no of each variety of sweets and savories are to be gifted to the bridegrooms family at the time of the wedding and this is a typical preferred snack as a light crunchy jaggery coated… 

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