kodo millet idli, varagu idli

Millets are now gaining fast recognition and finding their rightful place a s a healthy grain and a good substitute for many dishes where rice is the main ingredient. The cultivation of millets and the earnings of farmers also depend on the consumption especially from the city dwellers and upscale consumers .Thankfully this is gaining… 

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millets adai with flax seeds and lentils

This is  a great recipe for almost all age groups and particularly for those on a weight watch without sacrificing nutrients and taste .A great tasty dish for the diabetics and those on a no rice diet .The best way to make , to save time , is to mill the ingredients to a powdered… 

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Millets and Dal Idlis

  I call these Idlis as Millet Idlis as it is the main ingredient, I used Barnyard millets, you can use regular idli rice if you like. This recipe is inspired by Vahchef with little changes. This is an exttremely healthy way of incorporating all the best nutritious dals in your breakfast and keeps you… 

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Instant crispy Millet Paper Dosa ( no fermentation )

I am extremely excited and happy to know that millets work so beautifully in dosa recipe and here are the pics of the yummy dosas I made, unfortunately I could get only mobile clicks as this was  an unplanned post. Sometimes things totally not planned some how works in our favour and we  delight at these small… 

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